• Imagine & Create!

    Take this workshop and learn the essentials of how to get started creating beautiful wooden earrings . Taught by accessories designer Jasmine M. When you finish this course , you will have a good grasp on the tools and skills needed to start making fabulous works of wearable art. This workshop will take you from start to finish! As a bonus you will have access to a discussion board to ask any questions related to the workshop and access to any course updates. You will have complete access to the workshop for 100 days. NOTE: THIS WORKSHOP DOES NOT INCLUDE HOW TO CUT YOUR OWN WOODEN PIECES . A MORE ADVANCED WORKSHOP MAY BE CREATED FOR THAT LATER.

What you will learn

  • How to start making wooden earrings.

  • Supplies & where to buy.

  • Finding inspiration for creations.

  • How to use paint to make earrings.

  • How to use fabric to make earrings.

  • The secret sauce to making pieces that pop & last for years.

Social proof: testimonials

“Awesome sauce! Thank you. I really liked your workshop. Some things I knew, but many I did not. It gave me a lot of ideas. I particularly liked the fact that you demonstrated what to do if you make a mistake. Thanks again.”

“I enjoyed the workshop and feel that I will be able to executed this project successfully.”